Weekly Hours!

Please check here regularly we will update the hours weekly on Wednesday (if everything goes according to plans)

 Also be sure to follow our Facebook page, I'll try to post daily when we open and close, in case there is a sudden change (ie storms, etc).

Please be aware there are slight changes to this Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday May 15th Closed
Thursday May 16th 12pm-3pm
Friday May 17th 10am-1pm
Saturday May 18th 10am-6pm
Sunday May 19th 10am-6pm.
Monday (Victoria Day) May 20th 9am-noon.
Tuesday May 21st - 12pm-3pm
Wednesday May 22nd Closed
Thursday May 23th 6pm-830pm
Friday May 24th Closed
Saturday May 25th- Sudbury Gardening Festival!
Sunday May 26th 12pm-4pm
Monday May 27th 6pm-830pm

Please respect the posted hours, or contact for special arrangements.