Weekly Hours!

Please check here regularly we will update the hours weekly on Wednesday (if everything goes according to plans)

 Also be sure to follow our Facebook page, I'll try to post daily when we open and close, in case there is a sudden change (ie storms, etc).

We are also working on increasing our availability and if these hours don't work for you don't hesitate to reach out for special arrangements. I am usually around, just spending some time with the kids, but can plan to take them outside for a quick sale here or there with some advance notice.

Here are the hours below for the next week or so, I'm happy we will be able to open all this weekend. There is still lots of time to plant before the summer heat truly starts!

Excited that Ron will be available to keep the nursery open this weekend, it's a good chance to pay him a visit.

Thursday June 20th 6-8pm
Friday June 21st 6-8pm
Saturday June 22nd 10-4pm
Sunday June 23rd 12-4pm
Monday June 24th 6-9pm
Tuesday June 25th Closed
Wednesday June 26th Closed
Thursday June 27th Closed
Friday June 28th 8-9pm
Saturday June 30th 10-6pm
Sunday June 31th 12-4pm

We will post the following weeks hours online and by email on Wednesdays. (hopefully)

PS if you need special arrangements and none of these times work, don't hesitate to email and we'll figure something out.